Are you ready for some serious income stratification?

Because it’s coming.

For folks who can get more than one 28-hour-per-week part time job (that’s coming, too, you know), you’re going to find people that make up to $62,000 and people that make more than $77,000*. There won’t be anyone between those numbers.

What will end up happening is that $62,000 will be a ceiling. Any more than that, and take home pay effectively goes down. You’d need a 25% raise, at the very beginning of the year, to offset the loss of the subsidy.

Which will need a “fix” at some point in the future, I’m sure.

*2014 maximum income for a subsidy is $62,040. The cheapest Obamacare Approved plan is $15,000.

1 comment to Are you ready for some serious income stratification?

  • Speaking from experience the rejoinder will be “Well you can put more money into a 401K or donate it to charity!”

    And while the former will increase your net value… eventually… provided it’s not “nationalized” both options are a “let them eat cake” aren’t they?

    Oh you want more take home pay prole? Sorry no dice.

    And don’t forget the “fix” for those part time jobs. That’s coming too.

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