The Daily Show hits it on the head

I know a bunch of you don’t particularly like Jon Stewart due to his view on gun control, and his generally leftest views, but I think he hit it out of the park last night talking about the NSA.

Those whose jobs it is to oversee the NSA are either claiming “oh… we didn’t […]

Notes from the weekend

Went to the gun show with oddball. Ammo retailers had ammo at their normal “Internet +25%” prices. I think I saw two bricks of .22lr, both less than $60.

Towards the end of the show, there was a guy behind a table furiously trying to sell oddball one of these, with a forward vert grip […]

Just a quick reminder…

I would like to thank this gentleman for demonstrating why you don’t look down the barrel of a gun. Especially immediately after a failure to fire.

Don’t worry, no blood and gore. Just an amazing example of a hang fire.

*edit* embedded video link fixed.

Blogging Forecast: Spotty with a chance of nothingness

Last week I unofficially officially accepted a new position at work. It takes several weeks for the HR process to churn, but yesterday I started attending meetings for the new gig.

I still am doing all the stuff for the old gig, too.

This basically means I’ll be doing two jobs for the next few […]

Well, that’s a relief!

On Monday, I picked up tags for the WRX. When I got in the car, it stalled out on me three times. Then I got a lean condition engine code (which I was able to read and clear using the ScanGauge II I picked up several years ago). No biggie.

Well, the P0171 kept coming […]

Are you ready for some serious income stratification?

Because it’s coming.

For folks who can get more than one 28-hour-per-week part time job (that’s coming, too, you know), you’re going to find people that make up to $62,000 and people that make more than $77,000*. There won’t be anyone between those numbers.

What will end up happening is that $62,000 will be […]

Gun Porn: Magpul on a Krink

My friend James sent these to me, with this:

I decided to order one of the new MOE AK Grips from Magpul, just to try it out. Got it Friday, and put it on the AKSU. I like it, much more “grippy” than a traditional AK grip. It takes standard Magpul grip cores, […]

How long before Obama closes the Interstate Highway System?

He’s ordered the closure of an open-air memorial that was privately funded.

He’s ordered the closure of […]

Scooby Dooby Doo!

Alternate title: I decided to go in a different direction.*

2004 Subaru WRX. Turbocharged boxer engine. All wheel drive. World Rally Blue. 30+ MPG on Premium.

Like the Excursion before it, I’ve wanted this car since it was new. Now I have it.

Also like the Excursion, I paid a little bit more […]

Teaser 5