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IDPA does not train you for real life

You probably have run across this picture of the Kenya Mall Attack:

Now, if you’re like me, you’re probably wondering why the hell those two guys on the left look like they’re running the Realest IDPA stage ever*.

Well, the reason is because they were at and IDPA match when all that started.

IDPA […]

Gun Porn: That’s not a revolver. THIS is a revolver

Same group as last week’s picture. This week we have Magnum Research’s Biggest, Finest Revolver in .45-70.

The owner said the barrel is aftermarket. He let me shoot it a few times and it’s….FANTASTIC! I hit a steel popper at 200 yards on like the second or third round.


Full Circle

Those of you that have been following along at home know that about a year ago I got an M&P15-22. Originally, I set it up as a .22 copy of my main AR. Pretty quickly after that, I made some modifications to my main AR and then tried to set up the M&P15-22 as an […]

Random thought of the day

If the media calls people who want to ban firearms “Gun Safety Advocates,” does that mean that the people the media call “Child Safety Advocates” want to ban children?

On the Starbucks thing

I think what they have done is a perfectly reasonable reaction.

I say that as an open carry advocate and 3-venti-per-week customer.

My recollection of how this has gone is something like this:

A couple of years ago, CSGV decided to make a stink about Starbucks not banning guns. We responded with the first “Starbucks […]

Gun Porn: N00B with a S&W .500 Edition

This guy was at the range with some friends of his. He’d apparently shot a pistol once in his life before this day. They thought it was a good idea to hand him a Smith and Wesson .500.

Classic newbie backward lean

Full recoil. Note his eyes are closed.

Kid was a […]

Notes from the weekend

DWH became a daddy. Cute kid, notwithstanding 😀

Fall is apparently here now. It was 45 degrees Saturday morning.

Speaking of Fall, my new house has trees. Lots of them. With leaves. That are coming off. This is a new and frightening experience for me, because it might mean manual labor.

Protip: When ordering an […]

Gun Porn: Box Mag Remington 700

It’s topped with a Weaver Target T-36X40 1/8 Riflescope sitting on a DNZ Game Reaper mount. The actual box mag conversion and stock are from a company that is no longer in operation, according to the gentleman who owns this rifle.