This morning, at around 6am, an “older man” was shot and killed in the parking lot of a local High School.

Guess the shooter didn’t see the giant “NO FIREARMS ALLOWED” signs at the entrance.

Gun Porn: “Is that a UMP?” Edition

Another one from the Bidet Shoot:

While other folks are talking about gunshot wound treatment classes…

I’d like to point out that the Hyfin Chest Seals I bought as part of my roll your own IFAK post expire this month.

So, if you bought some back then, check them. They may be expired.

I’m glad to see that Joe and Ry took a class similar to the one oddball and I […]

Gun Porn: York Arms GCT Edition

Oddball’s wedding birthday present:

Wally does good work.


Scary robbery

I was clicking through the headlines this weekend and came across this story:

Employees were cleaning up Wednesday night at Jet’s Pizza on Fort Campbell Boulevard when two men and a woman, all wearing masks, came in through the back door. […]

One employee, who preferred not to be identified, said he had a decision […]

Embracing My Inner Cynic

I’m sure the closing of our embassies and the beefing up of security here for a “very specific threat” that has no specific time or target has everything to do with the president’s national security priorities and nothing to do with not wanting his birthday golf party interrupted by an inconveniently timed attack.