Replacement Chest Seals for the Basic Gunshot Wound Kit

A couple of weeks ago I briefly mentioned that the Hyfin Chest Seals in my basic gunshot wound kits were expiring. I have one in each car

Now, what I orginally bought were these. While I was searching for replacements, I came across these and thought “Hey, there’s two in a pack for the same price, so that’s better, right?”

Welllll…. There’s a problem.

So here is what my current GSW kits look like:


Fits nicely in a quart-sized bag, right?


The new double-pack…


And now we see the problem. I know you’re thinking “well, just double them over and they’ll fit” but unfortunately I think they are doubled over already. Take a look at the stock photo and note the size of the seals vs this size of the packaging. These seals are just significantly larger.

So, I’ll be buying more of the Hyfin seals shortly and these will be relegated to one of my range bags.

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