And this is a bad thing?

John Kerry complains that it’s “harder to govern people with the internet.”

Also claims that it’s “much harder to organize people, much harder to find the common interest…”


5 comments to And this is a bad thing?

  • […] And John Kerry wants none of it. The internet makes people harder to govern. […]

  • jcook119

    It’s harder to control the citizenry through misinformation and obfuscation with the Internet? Oh noes!

  • Wow, next thing you know he’ll talk about how much harder it is to govern people with guns.


    He represents nothing and no one save the airless dream-void of collectivism. It’s hard to “govern” a free people because he offers nothing but the tried-and-false overpromise of other people’s money. With interest. The interest of authoritarians in finding new fuel to feed the ever-expanding bureaucracy of “security.” The attempt to enforce government on people is a natural reaction tofailure of leadership; failure to capture the true sense and sentiment of a people and a time.

    Here’s to Northern Colorado Independence!

  • lucusloc

    it is “harder to govern lie to people with the internet.”


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