Registration leads to….Forced “Gun Buyback”

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Greens launch $350m guns buyback plan:

THE Greens want to spend more than $350 million to ban semi-automatic handguns and buy them back from their owners.
But the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA) said that would not affect the guns used by drug gangs for drive-by shootings in western Sydney.

Greens leader Christine Milne said gun violence could not be tackled without taking guns off the streets.

“We need strong action to reduce the number of handguns falling into the wrong hands. They have become the firearm of choice for criminals in Australia, especially in the drug trade and in gangs,” she said in a statement.

Under the Greens plan, costed by the Parliamentary Budget Office at $351.5 million, semi-automatic handguns would be banned, with a 12-month amnesty and buyback.

So less than two decades after requiring registration to reduce gun violence (WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING?), and that not working to reduce drug-related violence, the answer is to…

Confiscate guns from folks who aren’t violent drug criminals.

And this makes sense.

They can call it a buyback all they want, but unless it’s voluntary (hint: It’s not) it’s confiscation.

And go read this presser from the Greens if you’re having problems with low blood pressure today. That’ll cure it.

2 comments to Registration leads to….Forced “Gun Buyback”

  • Welp there’s the answer to the Cali question of “Why are you banning semi-auto rifles if people can still have handguns?”

    And without CCW or self defense handguns (and all guns) become much harder to defend. Funny that.

    Also look at how tortured the language of buy back is.

    “buy them back from their owners”

    Oh? The goverment sold them the guns? Well I suppose if you think that all property is the State’s and it is only loaned to the proles…

  • larry weeks

    Semi-auto handguns are darn near banned now. The only ones who can have them are people who compete in approved matches and it takes most of a year to get the license. You can keep it at home but have to have proof of all your practice and matches sessions (roughly 1 a month required) and those who don’t send in the verification, yearly, submitted and signed by the club president, lose their license. Oh yeah, 10 round maximum. This is what I remember from talking with some Aussies at a match I shot while on vacation there so it may not be completely correct.

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