Annnnd Random picture of the day

I present to you two buddies being silly:

I know I keep promising actual content and failing to deliver. Wizard will probably lock me out of this thing soon if I keep this up. Sadly, I’m going to this little convention called Dragoncon tomorrow, won’t be back until Tuesday, and then I’m heading to […]

Well, that’s one way to teach a new shooter about malfunctions…

I have a coworker who recently asked me to give her some range instruction. She’d shot before, but she wasn’t familiar enough with how her new Ruger LCP operates to be comfortable. Naturally, I obliged.

This was our second session, so it was still pretty much the basic. Grip. Trigger control. Understanding the Four Rules. […]

Gun Porn: Football Bat Edition

Awelowynt had a Slide Fire on his M&P15-22, but his barrel wasn’t threaded so we couldn’t put a suppressor on it.

So we did the next best thing and swapped uppers:

Putting a Slide Fire stock on a scoped rifle? Sure. Why not?


Fun with Headlines: 8-23-2013

Actual Headline: Williamson Co. suspects’ cases dismissed after clerical error Accurate Headline: Williamson Co. suspects’ cases dismissed after 4th Amendment violations.

Actual Headline: Sen. Corker criticized for working with Democrats Accurate Headline: Sen. Corker criticized for practically being a Democrat

Actual Headline: No Explosive Device Found In Murfreesboro Home Accurate Headline: Ex-girlfriend files false police […]

Replacement Chest Seals for the Basic Gunshot Wound Kit

A couple of weeks ago I briefly mentioned that the Hyfin Chest Seals in my basic gunshot wound kits were expiring. I have one in each car

Now, what I orginally bought were these. While I was searching for replacements, I came across these and thought “Hey, there’s two in a pack for the same […]

Gun Porn: Mac Daddy. Or is it the Daddy Mac?

I can never tell them apart:

Why, yes, that is a transferrable machine pistol. Why do you ask?

Remington to flee New York?

At least that’s the story according to my local rag… and they might be moving into my area!

I’m kind of surprised to see one of the older companies decide to pull up stakes and move. It’s one thing when you’re a relatively young company like Magpul or Khar, but when you’ve got multiple generations […]

And this is a bad thing?

John Kerry complains that it’s “harder to govern people with the internet.”

Also claims that it’s “much harder to organize people, much harder to find the common interest…”


Going to Dragoncon?

Naienko and I will be making our annual trip to Atlanta for Dragoncon. I know there’s a few folks that read this that are going.

Anyone interested in meeting up at some point? Maybe dinner on Thursday?

Registration leads to….Forced “Gun Buyback”

Via jigsaw in #GBC…

Greens launch $350m guns buyback plan:

THE Greens want to spend more than $350 million to ban semi-automatic handguns and buy them back from their owners. But the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA) said that would not affect the guns used by drug gangs for drive-by shootings in western Sydney.