Gun Porn: “Are those rounds in backwards?” Edition

H&K P7:

From the Bidet Shoot.

Range Report: Review of the Nikon P-223 and other stuff

This past Friday, my friend James took me to a members-only range just north of town. I’d heard of the club before but never been.

I didn’t know until the night before that it had 100, 200 and 300 yard berms, with steel gongs at 200 and 300. The last time I was able to […]

Embody. Again.

All you need is the headline to know who it is.

Now, according to the article he wasn’t arrested for openly carrying. He was arrested for illegal possession of a suppressor.

“But, wizard! Doesn’t Embody legally own some suppressors?”

Yes, yes he does. But if you read the article closely…

Due to his inability to […]

The media will get their Justice for Trayvon

Even if it’s not for Trayvon, and Zimmerman isn’t involved, and it’s not in Florida.

I made the mistake of treating the media as an independent reporter of fact in the Zimmerman case. I won’t be making that mistake again.

Things that will help Sharpton et al this time: The kid is actually 14. This […]


Man decides robbing a gun shop would be a great idea… with a baseball bat.

Apparently he came to his senses when the guy behind the counter drew on him.

The most dangerous thing we had at the Bidet Shoot

Was Freiheit’s pocket cannon:

(Okay, so there might have been some embellishment there)

You can order one here.

Nikon P-223 Scope and Burris PEPR AR Mount

A couple of weeks ago I bought a Nikon P-223 3×32 with the BDC Carbine reticle and a Burris AR-PEPR Quick Detach mount. I’d read some good reviews for both, and they both happened to be on sale, so I went ahead and got them. By the way, some sites list the P-223 as having […]

Light, tunnel, some assembly required.

Why, yes, that is .308 on the shelves. For sale, even.

And the ammo restrictions for this chain have changed from one box per caliber, three total to two boxes per caliber. Maybe I’ll be able to buy .22 by Christmas!

I guess I have a new gun shirt?

So, my mom, the hoplophobe, recently went on a European vacation and brought me back a T-shirt from Greece. It features a Spartan warrior and the phrase “molan labe” on it.

She had no idea what it meant.

I told her the historical context of it, but not the current popular use for that phrase.

Video of the actual Bidet Shoot

The first toilet is the one that we had the Bidet attached to.