A great story on why everyone needs an emergency fund

Over at Thomas J. Stanley’s blog.

(He’s the guy that wrote The Millionaire Next Door and The Millionaire Mind.)

Quote of the Day, Justice Edition

Andrew Branca:

It has been a striking consistency that prospective jurors who have seemed favorably disposed to Mr. Zimmerman seem to be startingly more informed those those who seem disposed against him.

The more folks learn about the case, the more likely they are to support Zimmerman.


The same government officials who don’t trust schoolteachers with revolvers are giving Al Qaeda machine guns and rocket launchers.

It’s good to have clarity.

Quote of the Day, Persistence Edition

Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut on gun bans:

We lost the first vote, but we’re going to win the last vote.

Emphasis mine. This is the attitude of the left, generally. It’s not over until they win, and then it’s over and no longer up for discussion.


Fun with Headlines: 6-14-2013

Actual Headline: Kentucky Man Charged After Trying To Break Into Own Home Accurate Headline: Man arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

Actual Headline: Singer Cee Lo spurs complaints at Riverbend Accurate Headline: Officials who hire singer made famous by song titled “F&CK YOU” surprised by profanity in his show

Actual Headline: Memphis police suspend officer […]

Quote of the Day

Allen G:

What’s scary about this is not it’s truth or falsehood (though it’s obviously orders of magnitude worse if it is true than if it is not), it’s that we read this and we can’t dismiss it out of hand.

The story he’s commenting on is one I’m not inclined to believe without […]

My 2 cents on the recent scandals over privacy…

…is actually summed up by one of my local buddies:

“To everyone who ever thought I was kidding or just spinning some conspiracy tales for kicks when I repeatedly said “The government is sniffing basically all your communications online”…

[email protected]$k you people.”

Seriously. Next time large portions of the IT community tells you that there’s […]

The funniest news story I’ve read all week

Actual headline: Men dressed in clown masks rob man who admits drug dealing Accurate headline: Actually, the original headline is pretty accurate.

You gotta love a story that includes this line from investigators:

“We assembled a photo line-up of clown masks, and had the victim look at it, and he quickly identified the mask.”


You know, I kind of want to get an IL Carry License…

If this is an accurate description of the law as passed, the only way for me to legally carry in Illinois is to take a 16 hour class and pay a $300 fee.

My guess is that with lodging, training, and the fee, it’ll cost me around a thousand dollars. I never go to Illinois, […]