Bidet Shoot Pictures

This is a very, very picture-heavy post.  Clicking any picture will give you the full-sized version, about 20mb each. You’ve been warned!

It all started here:


Which is a 60-ish yard range for rifles, pistols, and shotguns…


So we brought some…

IMG_2813 IMG_2812 IMG_2835 IMG_2838

…and I didn’t even take pictures of everything…

We also had several varieties of CANNON!!!


Baby Cannon


Hand Cannon
(Okay that’s a handgonne)


Medium Cannon
(Okay so that’s really a mortar)


Modern Cannon
(Okay that’s just a lil poodleshooter)

The fine folks at LuckyGunner donated some .223, which we really appreciated in the current ammo climate.

IMG_2828 IMG_2827 IMG_2826

And, since this event’s title went from “Southeast Blogger Shoot” to “Oddball’s Birthday shoot” to “Oddball’s B-Day Shoot” Luckygunner also sent us a bidet to shoot, so it became “Oddball’s Bidet Shoot!

Now, all the stuff from the folks at Luckygunner came to the shoot because Erin Palette is awesome and got them to sponsor her by sending the bidet and the ammo. At some point there was a miscommunication, because what everyone was expecting was this:

And what came was this:


Which, we discovered after furious Googling, actually attaches to a toilet.



Video of that later 😀

Unfortunately, my camera was acting kinda weird, so that’s the only picture we have of the bidet. It held up pretty well considering the .50 hit and the Tannerite. Did I mention the Tannerite?


Man, that stuff is fun!
Video of that later, too.

And there was cake!


There were also casualties…

First, this is what happens when you hit a carriage bolt with 7.62×39:


That took out a hanging steel target.

There was also a very, um, unique AR failure that I’ve never seen before:


More on that later, too.

That’s enough teasers for now. Fun was had by all, especially the birthday boy:


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