Bidet Shoot after action report

Yes, I’m going to be on board with it being called the Bidet Shoot… After Awelowynt showed up with an ice cream cake for me stating “Happy Bidet!” on it, I have no choice.

First off, a lot of the folks that said they were going to come backed out at the last minute.  I think I was looking at somewhere around 25 people two weeks out, and all but 8 besides myself actually showed.  Just about all of them sent emails ahead of time stating that they were having to back out, and they all seemed to have good reason.  Of course, this kind of left me wondering if anyone was actually going to show.  This actually ended up being a good thing, since it kept the number of people at the range to an easily manageable size and no one really felt they needed to work full time RSO duty.

The folks in attendance were as follows:

The Jack, Erin, Awelowynt, and myself were the only ones that got rooms at the hotel.  The others were either locals, or, in the case of WizardPC, willing to leave the house at 6am on Saturday.  The four of us had a pretty good time Friday night, and I think it helped some of us to meet a few people the night before.  We ended up hanging out in Jack and Erin’s room chatting, and Erin has convinced me I need a Speedy Sharp carbide sharpener after putting an edge on my CETME bayonet.

The day of the shoot, it wasn’t too hot for late June, and I believe we brought all teh gunz!  After we all got unpacked, laid our stuff out, and had a safety briefing from the owner, I think we all had a bit of a kid in a candy store feeling.  Way too many choices.  After the opening ceremonial shot using Friehiet’s pocket canon, Erin got us started by blowing up some Tannerite with her Sleep of Reason, followed by me hitting some with my Ishy Enfield.  After that, we were off to the races.

Everyone was extremely generous with their firearms and ammo.  I got to shoot my first and second full-auto weapons, namely a MAC-10 and an UZI.  I can definitely confirm that the term “giggle switch” is accurate.  I also got to shoot a Kriss, a Keltec PMR, Keltec KSG, a Schofield revolver, a handful of Mosin-Nagants (I have confirmed that I need an M44), and many others… oh… and a .50cal rifle… did I mention the .50cal?  It made toilets disappear.

By the way, Jim, the owner of the .50cal (I believe an AR-50), let us all fire off a round from a bench rest.  Afterwards, he dared any of us to try to shoot it standing up off hand, because he had never seen it done.  Of course, me being me, I said “daaaaahhhh ok!”  After making sure I could shoulder the beast, we looked for something for me to shoot.  We found a bowling ball that someone had brought along with some bowling pins that had already been shot up.  So, I trotted out with it to the end of the range (roughly 60 yards), came back and was given a round.  I believe that WizardPC has a video of me hitting said bowling ball with the .50cal.  I will admit that I was taking the shot in a hurry, because, well, that rifle weighs 34lbs!  For those of you that are interested, a 50cal and 60 yards will crack a 7-8lbs bowling ball in half.

I also discovered that my guns apparently do not like Roadkill.  The Henry Goldenboy kept jamming on him, and the CETME kept producing incredibly light strikes.  Here’s the thing… it would only happen in his hands.  No one else had issues.  With the CETME, he came over and showed me, I’d fire off a few rounds, hand it back to him, he’d have a couple light strikes, and take it back, and *bang* *bang* *bang*.

We finished up the day with Jack firing off his mortar.  It, too, was awesome.

Oh… almost forgot, I really need to thank Lucky Gunner for sending us some .223 and a bidet.  Turned out that the Bidet was actually pretty resilient, but we shot it up pretty good.  I believe that WizardPC has some pictures of it and hopefully a video.

WizardPC will be posting pictures later this week of the festivities.  I was too busy shooting things that go bang to take pictures (also, I forgot to pack the camera).

I know I’m missing other high points, but I’ve rambled on enough.  Oh, and for the record, I do plan on doing this again.  Possibly with more… what’s that thing called?  Oh yes… organization.

6 comments to Bidet Shoot after action report

  • jcook119

    I can confirm that the offhand shot was indeed impressive. Also, it is worth mentioning that we cut the rock-hard ice cream cake with a bayonet!

    • Roadkill

      Sorry, but it was not a bayonet. It was a Glock 78 Field Knife. Reasonably priced and very very neat.

      Also Odd forgot the mention that the S&W 13’s ejection rod partically unscrewed itself keep the cylinder from opening and that I managed jam the Boberg up with Federal 9mm. Also I managed to cut myself on Odd’s Marlin 1984 .357/.38 lever action.

      • jcook119

        Don’t feel too bad Roadkill, I broke my Adams Arms gas-piston conversion AR for the second shoot in a row. I am clearly not smart enough to own a piston-driven AR. Back to DI for me.

  • I also got a 2 for 1 tannerite boom with my PSL. Indeed was an awsome time.

    So… why does Awelowynt have a slash? Also the url you need to link too needs a mite of cleanup.

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