Bidet Shoot Pictures

This is a very, very picture-heavy post. Clicking any picture will give you the full-sized version, about 20mb each. You’ve been warned!


Here is that video Oddball mentioned in the last post

I was sick most of this week, so I apologize for being later than I’d have liked:

That’s a real man, right there. 😀

Bidet Shoot after action report

Yes, I’m going to be on board with it being called the Bidet Shoot… After Awelowynt showed up with an ice cream cake for me stating “Happy Bidet!” on it, I have no choice.

First off, a lot of the folks that said they were going to come backed out at the last minute. I […]

Overheard in the house

While Mrs wizardpc and lilwizard were in the other room reading this:

lilwizard: Elmo? Mrs wizardpc: No honey, that’s Jesus.

Pro-gun Editorial from… the Free Press?

My dad called me to wish me happy birthday today, and as we talked, he mentioned a pro-gun editorial that he spotted in the Detroit Free Press. If you didn’t know, the Detroit Free Press is usually a pretty far left paper.

The editorial describes a time when the politics editor (of all people) was […]


JohnE over at AOSHQ discovers that Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a 501(c)4 engaged in electioneering, is running it’s web site on New York City goverment servers, and registered by the NYC IT Department.

You can’t do that.

Fun with headlines: 6-21-2013

Actual headline: Police look for man who allegedly robbed same Walgreens 4 times Accurate headline: Pharmacy’s policy of self-disarmament and compliance working out as expected

Actual headline: ABC plans to enact ban on infused alcohol, pre-made mixed drinks Accurate headline: State plans to begin enforcing law enacted in 2006

In other news… I’m still alive…

And apparently this exists:

Real posts coming from me soon… I swear…

One Line Movie Review

Fast & Furious 6:

Longest. Runway. Ever.

Point this out next time someone says there were eleventy billion victims of gun violence last year

“Victims of gun violence” apparently includes terrorists who die in shootouts with police.