Fun with headlines

Let me give a try at this:

Headline: “Nashville” production team may need incentives to stay in Nashville

Actual story: The taxpayers of Tennessee paid 32% of the production costs of a show that is on a major broadcast network, and now the network is upset that the state may only pay 25% of the […]

You know you’re a geek when…

Earlier this week, I stopped by Wizard’s place to pick up the wedding gifts that were left at the reception. I mentioned to Wizard and his wife that one of my groomsmen bought me a BlendTec.

His wife cocked her head.

He started laughing in an evil way.

Yeah… Wizard and I were geeking out […]

Gee… this seems to be a trend

*This is another one of those posts that I should probably state that this is purely my opinion and it doesn’t necessarily represent the opinion of WizardPC, who keeps letting me post here for some reason. My information comes solely from the sources that I have linked in this post. If you have not already […]

Signal, inability to stop

Once the DoD requested the 3d printed gun files be removed from the internet, a couple things happened.

The Streisand Effect went into full force. The file was shared all over and can still be found easily. I suddenly realized that I was going to be printing a 3d printed gun and doing another […]

Gun Porn: Converted to G36 Edition

I sent a friend of mine a link to this article at TFB on converting an HK SL8 to a G36. He’s big in to HK stuff, so I thought he’d get a kick out of it.

His reply?

He bought it–already converted–in 2004 and added the non-optic top rail and G36 magwell. He […]

Sometimes it’s about multiple rights

I posted this on my facebook account, but thought I’d post it here as well. Of course, the chances that a non-gun person would read this is higher on my facebook account, but you guys might like it.

So, I’m guessing most of you have heard that someone has successfully managed to build a working […]

“New Shooter Day” is now an ITAR-controlled event

At least, I think that’s what this means.

Fun With Headlines: 5-9-2013 Edition

Actual headline: Long-time Scout leader resigns position over gay Scouts ban Accurate headline: After 50 years, local man has the courage to resign the least important of his Boy Scout leadership roles due to 107 year old policy*

Actual headline: La Vergne works to replace faulty emergency system Accurate headline: City leaders spend money on […]


I was perusing Amazon for something, and I came across this:

What is that, you ask? It’s proof that there are no limits to the stupidity of mall ninjary.

That, my friends, is a “tire deflator” that is threaded 1/2-28, and is meant to attach to the muzzle of your AR. Because what everyone […]

Drug sniffing dog