So… the point of the bill was?

I’m sure everyone remembers the big fight that Tennessee had over allowing folks to keep guns in their cars even if the company bans firearms on their property.  The final bill basically said “yes, you can, as long as you’re a permit holder and no one sees you do it… oh, and you can still totally get fired for it.”

Well, the state AG has post a bit of a FAQ on how he interprets this new law.  Apparently security cameras spotting you will also cause you to be in violation.

So… it’s legal as long as no one actually catches you doing it… ever, and if the lot has a security camera?  Yeah… that basically is a no-go.  In my book, that means the action isn’t legal.  Looks like it was just an attempt for the state Republican party to be able to say “see? we did something for you gun nuts.  Now shut up and sit down.”

By the way, this reminds me a lot of my feelings towards “concealed carry only,” and why I advocate that we need open carry everywhere.

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