Notes from Las Vegas

Went to Las Vegas this week for work. First time. This is the reason for no blog.

Someone told me “You’re going to be shocked when you step off the plane and there are slot machines right there.” Even after hearing that, I was, in fact, shocked when I stepped off the plane and there were slot machines right there.

Being two time zones over is hazardous. On the one hand, being wide awake at 4am is kinda cool. On the other hand, 8pm being way past your bed time is a bummer.

Bad thing about being up at 4am was that the fitness center at the hotel didn’t open until 6. I found that odd, since Vegas is supposed to be 24/7 all the time. The casino in the hotel didn’t close, I’ll note. The good news is Vegas is in Nevada, which is mostly flat with some mountains thrown in for scenery, so I just did my morning runs outside.

“The Strip” is gigantic. (We stayed at a resort that isn’t on the strip, so I didn’t get the full Vegas experience.)

The “Pawn Stars” shop is tiny. Like, I think I’ve been to Subway restaurants larger than that place. Not only that, but only about 1/3 of the whole place was pawn related. The rest was merchandising for the show.

Everything is beige.

There are a TON of helicopters buzzing around town, all the time.

Why would your hotel and convention center have wifi in the hotel, but not in the convention center?

My old Nexus One that I’ve been using as a podcast player for the last year seems to be on it’s last legs.

The fountains at The Bellagio are indeed impressive.

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