Fun With Headlines: 5-9-2013 Edition

Actual headline: Long-time Scout leader resigns position over gay Scouts ban
Accurate headline: After 50 years, local man has the courage to resign the least important of his Boy Scout leadership roles due to 107 year old policy*

Actual headline: La Vergne works to replace faulty emergency system
Accurate headline: City leaders spend money on new cars, parades, while 911 calls go unanswered

Actual headline: Student posts principal’s mugshot online, gets suspended
Accurate headline: Student falsely accuses principal of DUI arrest, gets suspended

*Look, I really don’t give a crap what limits a private organization wants to put on membership, but if you find that organization’s stand on something so horrific that you have to run screaming to the nearest reporter, shouldn’t you stop being associated with that organization? Note also that they asked him if his thoughts had changed over the last five years and he deflected

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