So… the point of the bill was?

I’m sure everyone remembers the big fight that Tennessee had over allowing folks to keep guns in their cars even if the company bans firearms on their property. The final bill basically said “yes, you can, as long as you’re a permit holder and no one sees you do it… oh, and you can still […]

Fun with Headlines: 5-31-2013

Actual headline: Franklin grandma posts unique warning for speeding drivers Accurate headline: Local woman threatens to kill commuters

Actual headline: Metro Nashville tries to reduce school hopping Accurate headline: Metro schools still don’t understand how markets work, omit stats that make public schools look bad.

*BONUS* Current Headline: Mt. Juliet asks residents to watch, take […]

Deal Alert: Half off hosting at HostGator

For the next 12 hours. The coupon code should auto-populate.

I’ve been very happy with Hostgator.

My Bug-A-Salt is waaaay more mall ninja than yours

SayUncle did a pretty funny review of the Bug-A-Salt.

And then someone decided to go a little bit tacticool with theirs.

Well, I just couldn’t resist:

Just like every gunnie, I have a box of old parts. Turns out, a standard AR birdcage will thread on the barrel and the hardware that comes with […]

Nikki Goeser’s book is out

Denied a Chance: How gun control helped a stalker murder my husband

My friend Ken gives a short review here.

Deal Alert

Dewalt tools on sale at Amazon.

I was a construction worker for a little bit after high school. I coveted the Dewalt 18v drill my employer issued me. Certain people may have a better formed opinion than me, seeing as my construction experience is limited to 8 months as a helper 15 years ago, but […]

Found while unpacking from the recent move

January 1997: Death of the Internet!

Notes from Las Vegas

Went to Las Vegas this week for work. First time. This is the reason for no blog.

Someone told me “You’re going to be shocked when you step off the plane and there are slot machines right there.” Even after hearing that, I was, in fact, shocked when I stepped off the plane and there […]

Ummm… wow…

How to win at intimidation:

Step 1. get hit in the face with a round from an AK-47, and laugh it off.

Thats…. really it.

Suck it, Bloomberg!