An evening with…*

Just got back from a great concert with Naienko.  I guess you might say it was a date.

She heard the following song at the concert for the first time, and has decided that it’s one of “our songs.”

Yeah… we’re that kind of couple.


*yes, the concert was, in fact entitled “an Evening with Weird Al.”

3 comments to An evening with…*

  • brad

    An Oingo Boingo style parody, love it.

  • Rob Reed

    My wife and I attended a Weird Al concert on short notice a couple years ago. I heard about the concert the day before and didn’t even think we’d be able to get tickets. When I called and asked for “best available remaining” the order taker said, “Would Row 5, Center work?” She explained “The artist released some seats he’d been holding a little while ago.”

    It turns out Row 5 was really Row 1 of the “regular” seats and Rows 1 -4 were folding chairs in the orchestra pit.

    Best. Concert. EVER.

    • oddball

      Yeah… Weird Al puts on one of the best concert experiences I’ve ever witnessed. He’s one of the very few artists I try to catch every time they come through town.

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