Notes from the weekend: HOLY CRAP THAT WAS FAST Edition

Listed the house on Friday morning. Three showings over the weekend and we’re mulling over one offer. The two that didn’t make an offer were buyer-side problems. All the realtors said the house showed really well.

About 90% of the houses that fit our criteria are under contract. If we accept this offer, we basically […]

Tragic Rule 2 Violation

It’s all over the local media.

Police are saying that this was an actual accidental shooting caused by a mechanical failure, not a negligent discharge. My suspicion is some sort of decocker failure.

Unfortunately, there was a rule 2 violation, and the man’s 10 month old son was shot in the chest and killed.

It’s […]

Fun with Headlines, 3-12-13 Edition

Actual Headline: Dad finds loaded gun, ammo near MTSU campus Accurate Headline: Drunk finds Police Officer’s utility belt, complete with all equipment, in ditch.

Actual Headline: House OKs Proposal To Cut Lawmaker Allowances Accurate Headline: Democrats can’t understand why Nashville Legislators shouldn’t get a hotel per diem.

Actual Headline: Democratic lawmakers vote to replace longtime […]

Notes from the weekend, Listing Edition

We’re listing the house in a few days. Been here a touch more than three years. We’re moving a little bit closer to work and to a much better school system.

The house we’re in now was a foreclosure, but it was in very good shape. There were a couple of things we wanted to […]

Weaver Kaspa Scope?

I may have mentioned that I am keeping a friend’s firearms while he is out of the country, with his explicit wish that I shoot them. One of them is a Remington 700 in .308 that has an absolutely terrible 4x scope on it. My friend will be gone until sometime in 2015, so I’m […]

A little late in noticing, but…

Apparently even the Tennessean (the local main-stream paper) has noticed that there’s a bit of an ammo shortage right now.

By the way, this ran on the front page as the big color article, so I’m guessing today was a slow news day.

As per usual, it’s probably best to not read the comments.


Since no one told ME, here’s a Public Service Announcement

Rachel Lucas is blogging again.

She switched to Twitter-only there for a while, and I don’t get Twitter so I was deprived of her wit for a year or so. Glad to see she’s back (and that she has a precious mutt).

Scorecards: Dick “Dick” Durbin Edition

Bush Justice Department authorization to use waterboarding on a foreign terrorist in a foreign country: “Shameful”

Obama Justice Department authorization to use drone strikes on Americans in America: That’s probably okay. Let’s not talk about it right now.

Dishonest marketing from TDS Telecom

TDS Telecom has been trying desperately to get in to the Nashville market. They are directly and aggressively competing with Comcast (whose customer service practices come from depths of Hell) and AT&T (who still think a land line is required for anything).

My mother has TDS service and is quite pleased with it. Fiber Optic […]

I literally facepalmed…

…when I came back from lunch and saw this as the top story on local media.

Police arrested a south Nashville man after they said he was threatening a neighborhood with a semi-automatic machine pistol.

A semi-automatic machine pistol, you say? How’s that work, exactly?

I double-facepalmed when I clicked on the article and […]