A couple good causes for you to throw some money at

I feel kind of bad that I haven’t linked to either of these yet.  I’m going to claim that I’ve been too busy or something… not that I’m lazy or a bad person.  Yeah… that’s it.

First up is Linoge’s fund raiser for HAVA.  It’s a good cause, plus holy crap the prize packages!  Seriously, I’ve seen fund raisers where the “first prize” wasn’t as nice as a few of those packages.  Be warned, the deadline for the drawing is tomorrow night, so I’d get on that.

The other one is a bit more specific.  One of our fellow gun bloggers, Squeaky, is having a rough time financially and is being hit with some nasty medical costs on top of that.  She is at the point that she’s asking for some help.  I think Erin does a better pitch as to why you should help her than I could.  Oh, speaking Erin, she’s promised to do another “glockenponie” post if the goal is met… which I’ve been told is pretty close to happening.

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