Ummm…. I think you’re doing it wrong…

So… a buddy of mine posted this picture to his Facebook account:

What's that in the chamber?

What’s that in the chamber?

At first I was confused why he was posting a picture of his HiPoint C9, then I noticed a bit of copper in the chamber…

And then I saw his next post:

Oh dear

Oh dear

Yep… round in backwards.

The story to go with this is that he was clearing a jam using the technique of racking the slide with the ejection port pointed at the ground and his hand over the chamber to catch the jammed round.  He pulled one round out this way, but the slide wouldn’t return to battery and the gun failed to fire a second time.  Upon inspection, he saw this wonderful sight.  He was able to clear the round with a cleaning rod (while praying he didn’t hit the primer).

His theory, which I agree with, is that the jam was a double feed.  Somehow, with the two rounds bouncing around while he was clearing it, one of the rounds managed to turn all the way around and find a comfy home in the chamber.  He’s currently planning on making use of the lifetime warranty that HiPoint offers due to the gun now jamming on him on a regular basis (he claims that it used to run like a top, but he’s put an awful lot of rounds through it).

He’s blaming this particular incident on “a combination of geometry and operator … eccintricity.”

*UPDATE* I was mistaken, the slide did fully cycle and the pistol was in battery with the round in backwards.  The operator didn’t notice the issue until the gun went *click* a second time, and pulling the slide back failed to eject the round.

4 comments to Ummm…. I think you’re doing it wrong…

  • AK™

    Somebody at H und K must have loaded that magazine. 😉

  • Tam

    I was mistaken, the slide did fully cycle and the pistol was in battery with the round in backwards.

    I respect your buddy’s need to protect his dignity, but that statement is physically impossible, and anyone who wants to can go grab a Hi Point and a loaded round of 9×19 FMJ and prove it to themselves. 😉

    • oddball

      Yeah… I’m a bit suspicious of that last bit too, but that’s what was reported to me.

      Of course, if he was going to protect his dignity, he shouldn’t be using a HiPoint in the first place. :p

  • Griff

    My dad had the exact same pistol. he had a similar problem the shell casing got stuck in the barrel. Had to take a cleaning rod and a hammer to get it out.

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