Changes to the Carry Permit class requirements in TN!

I was at the gun show today, mostly to watch the craziness, and I noticed something odd at the Range training school. The had the current target used by the state of Tennessee’s CPL classes (which I believe is the standard FBI target), and next to it is what they’re claiming is the new target […]

FOR SALE: Ford F150, Safe In LA Edition

2005 Ford F150 with only 44,000 miles!

Black, 4×4, power everything!

Only $54,000*!

The perfect thing for elderly ladies delivering newspapers.

*Only stops handgun rounds, though. If you want to stop assault patrol rifles, you’ll need to spend a little more.

Food for thought…

Part of the conventional wisdom for selecting a 9mm as your carry or even bug out gun is that 9mm is the most common round out there and you’ll always be able to find it.

So…. what was one of the first calibers to start to disappear from the shelves and is currently being rationed […]

From Zero to Air Traffic Control for $25 or less

Little known fact: I got my private pilot license (VFR) about ten years ago. I’d always wanted to be a pilot, so when the opportunity presented itself I took it. Got 42 hours of instruction/flight time in 2 weeks for about $3,000.

I’ve flown twice since then, and my medical lapsed long ago. It’s a […]


Looks like a good number of the folks that are rushing out to buy guns are learning how to use them. I’ve seen a serious up tick in the number of folks at the local ranges (to the point that I haven’t been able to try out a couple of guns I need to write […]

Raven Concealment Systems Warranty Replacement

At last month’s IDPA match, I cracked my 4 year old Raven Concealment Systems Phantom Holster. Back then, they were literally the only people making holsters that could handle my Glock 23 with the Insight M6 Tactical Laser on it. I think I paid $85 for it, including shipping, and got it in like 10 […]

Fun with headlines

Actual headline: Shots ring out following case of road rage UPDATE: Headline has changed to the equally misleading “Shots fired following north Nashville collision, driver charged” Accurate headline: Hit and run victim stops fleeing suspect from running over, killing witness

Actual headline: Sen. Campfield asks mother: Have you ever thought about therapy? Accurate headline: Local […]

Watch out… I’m plotting something

So… after talking about things on #GBC, there’s been a few of us that have decided that there needs to be a blogger shoot in the South East. My town seems a convenient middle ground for folks, so I’m looking around for venues and such.

One issue is I need to get an idea on […]

5 hours later…

Not what I expected to wake up to