Parking Lot Bill Passes House

On it’s way to Governor Haslam, who’s not keen on it.

We have a very weak executive office in TN. It takes 60 votes in the house to pass a bill, but only 51 to override a veto. The bill got 72 votes.

It will go into effect July 1st if Haslam doesn’t veto it.

It’s extremely important to note that this bill does not preempt your employee handbook. You can’t be prosecuted for violating a 1359 sign, but you can still be fired.

1 comment to Parking Lot Bill Passes House

  • While I am partially glad for the citizens of TN that there is unnecessary legislation which tells us we can do what we are already allowed to do according to the Constitution… I am saddened that a.) you can still be fired, if they know about it. b.) it takes legislating the obvious for most people to get it, and c.) that I work at a military installation and even if it did protect me from termination (either kind) I am only valuable enough to work here, not valuable enough to be trusted to do what I do everywhere else and still manage to not go batshit crazy.

    Disavowed With Honor

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