War on Constables

MTSU trying to decide if it should punish a Constable for….having his gun on him as required by state law. The investigation began because MTSU campus cops saw “police equipment” in his car. That probably means lights, but who knows.

Bowling Green, KY, off duty deputy shoots former constable. That deputy has hired a lawyer after claiming he shot a man who used to be a Constable and is currently a well-regarded youth theater director in self defense. The shootee also used to be in the bassist in a Christian band that’s popular enough to have it’s own Wikipedia page. If you look at the slideshow in this report you can see that one of the people involved was sitting in the driver’s seat of the white F-150, and one of them was outside the passenger side of the vehicle. We know this because the passenger side glass is busted, but nothing else.

This report indicates that the shooter didn’t identify himself as a law enforcement officer until after he’d shot the shootee. It also says that the shooter had exited his vehicle and shot the driver of the white F-150.

I’ve got some definite opinions about what happened, but whatever it was it doesn’t look good for the deputy. The former constable is currently in critical condition and might not make it.

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