Why would they need to cancel school?

My commute in this morning was unusually light. I even wondered aloud if schools were closed as I pulled in to the parking lot 20 minutes early. As it turns out, Williamson County Schools were closed today.

The reason? One of their maintenance workers walked right through a restraining order and opened fire on his wife and kids on Saturday night.

They caught him late last night, but why did they cancel school? Are the “NO FIREARMS ALLOWED” signs defective? Not large enough? Misspelled?

Our children are completely protected from harm by ensuring that no legal firearms are allowed on campus, so why did they need to shut down school? Surely we could trust that a man who violated an order of protection and opened fire on a car containing his own children wouldn’t risk [gasp!] a whole year(!) in prison by carrying a firearm into a school, right?


Why are you laughing?

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