Parking Lot Bill Passes House

On it’s way to Governor Haslam, who’s not keen on it.

We have a very weak executive office in TN. It takes 60 votes in the house to pass a bill, but only 51 to override a veto. The bill got 72 votes.

It will go into effect July 1st if Haslam doesn’t veto it.


War on Constables

MTSU trying to decide if it should punish a Constable for….having his gun on him as required by state law. The investigation began because MTSU campus cops saw “police equipment” in his car. That probably means lights, but who knows.

Bowling Green, KY, off duty deputy shoots former constable. That deputy has hired a lawyer […]

Why would they need to cancel school?

My commute in this morning was unusually light. I even wondered aloud if schools were closed as I pulled in to the parking lot 20 minutes early. As it turns out, Williamson County Schools were closed today.

The reason? One of their maintenance workers walked right through a restraining order and opened fire on his […]

Parking Lot Bill in Civil Justice Committee

Committee started hearing the bill at about 12:05.

Mike Stewart (D-Nashville) apparently doesn’t understand there’s no such thing as a “public business.” He kept going on and on about “but I privately purchased this property. Why would I be affected by this?”

Apparently the bill only applies to the criminal penalties under TCA 39-17-1359. It […]

Rep. Scott DesJarlais Response to Gun Control Efforts

It took a couple weeks to get back to me, but here is the response I got:

February 19, 2013

Dear [redacted],

Thank you for contacting me to express your concerns about the potential introduction of gun control legislation. I truly appreciate having the benefit of your views on this important issue.

It is hard […]

I have news for Sen. Murphy (D-Conn)

In the print edition of today’s New York Times, the front page above the fold article is this one.

Here is the second paragraph of the article:

“We do know that historically in these instances, amateurs have trouble switching magazines,” Mr. Murphy said, referring to the high-capacity ammunition feeding device used by Mr. Lanza to […]

More fun with headlines

Actual headline: Vermont man surrenders teaching license over assault rifle

Accurate headline: Teacher cashes doubled paychecks for a year, goes crazy when he gets caught

The FoxNews report makes it sound like he lost his job for the completely lawful act of possessing an AR-15 on his own property. If you click through to the […]

Because this is apparently “a thing”

We’re gearing up for selling the house and moving, and my wife found some of her My Little Pony stuff.

Which reminded me of this that odball posted a while back.

So, I present to you: My Little Ponies and a Glock. Because.

By the way, if this wasn’t “a thing” before….I’m making it […]

What Media Bias?

2013: House not spending enough time debating gun bills*

2009: House spending too much time debating gun bills.

Whatever the House does, it’s wrong.

*The parking lot bill has been introduced every year since at least 2009 and was thoroughly debated last year.

Parking Lot Bill to get vote today

So sayeth the media.

It’s not on the agenda, but I suspect it’s being heard in the Criminal Justice Committee at 10:30AM CST.

Here’s the money quote from Gerald McCormick (who we’ve talked about before):

In McCormick’s words: “We can argue about it and then pass it, or we can just pass it.”

I guess […]