Tactical Pre-Rinse

That tongue is high speed low drag. Just ask Osama.

Slippery slope? What slippery slope?

Just because the magic number regarding magazine size is 10 (and anything more than that is an evil assault high ammunition magazine clip) doesn’t mean that they’ll ever decide that 10 is too many.


Gun Porn: FDE Edition

Surplus Ammo and Arms Lower


8620 Bolt Carrier Group

PSA M4A1 Premium Madness – 16” CMV CL Stripped Upper

Magpul STR

Magpul ASAP Sling Plate

Magpul MOE Carbine-Length Handguard

Troy Battlemags

And some ambi charging handle I bought at the gun show for $25. The rear sight is from […]

My favorite part of the gun show today

Wasn’t the $75 Glock 19 magazines.

It wasn’t the $2300 DoubleStar AR

It wasn’t the $2800 DPMS Sportical 223

It wasn’t the $750 SKS

It certainly wasn’t the $3300 M&P15

Nope. My favorite part of the gun show today was the $800 Nagant, next to the $600 10/22.

Gun Bills Filed in Tennessee Legislature

House members are limited to sponsoring 15 bills this year, because…well no one’s really sure. Anyway, here’s what’s been filed:

HB 0010 by *Faison: As introduced, prohibits the allocation of state or local public funds to the regulation or enforcement of any federal law, executive order, rule or regulation that becomes effective on or […]

QotD: Scary When You Think About It Edition


“I don’t think all those people are buying all that stuff just to have one to turn in, pal.”

The chair isn’t against the wall, but it’s in the right area.

Review: Williams FireSights

My Buckmaster is a super accurate little .22 pistol, and I thought it was great out of the box except for really one thing: the sights. They’re your standard black on black adjustable pistol sights. The rear sight is metal and has both windage and elevation adjustment screws, which is nice, but the front is […]

What an improperly calibrated spambot looks like

This is what’s known as “spinner” text. The spambot that attempted to leave this comment wasn’t properly configured, so instead of leaving me a semi-plausible quasi-english comment, I got the full text.

What I should have gotten was text from each set of curly braces. Phrases are separated by the pipe character “|”. Spinners […]

Bleg: Nightstand Pistol Safes

I have this in my car, which works pretty well for it’s intended purpose. I’m starting to look for something for my nightstand because lilwizard is starting to “pull up” and can almost reach it.

I think I want something large enough for two pistols, with the ability to mount it to my nightstand […]

Sign of the times

Frangible and tracer is all the 5.56 they had. Even .22lr was bare. But if you want to stock up on 6.8SPC, they have plenty of that. Kinda makes me want to get one.