This Just In! There Is No National Gun Database!

The Tennessean has just learned the shocking fact that there is no national gun database. This news was so shocking to the paper, that it was on the front page of today’s newspaper. Not the center spread, but above the fold.

Of course, this being the purely non-biased pinnacle of reporting that is the local […]

Full fledge police state coming to a town near you!

It’s been tried in some of the big cities (most notably New York City), and now it’s happening in Arkansas. The town of Paragould has decided that the best way to fight their recent uptick in crime is to start deploying cops in SWAT gear, checking your papers, and asking for a good reason for […]

*Now* did I jump the shark?

Since my previous post about this rifle, I’ve added a couple of things:

PRI Gas Buster:

YHM Phantom Flash Hider:

Needed those, because I got this:


6 month wait this time, partially my own fault for not reading the directions (As it turns out, if you print the two-page Form […]

I don’t think that word means what you think it means


Protests across the country called for thousands to march, all to push for tougher legislation when it comes to buying a gun. With a simple post online, a crowd of concerned parents, grandparents and kids showed up Saturday morning to march at Sevier Park to push for changes in gun legislation.

This march is […]

Don’t Use Quicken [UPDATE: Or TurboTax]

Intuit, the company that makes Quicken, QuickBooks, and several other pieces of financial software* has decided that guns are icky and they want no part of them.

Give them what they want. Use something else.

Update: Linoge reminds me in the comments that they also make TurboTax. Might I suggest some H&R Block Tax Software […]

More Bills Filed in TN

The first wave I listed here

Here is the second wave:

HB 0035 by *Parkinson: As introduced, increases the punishment for a defendant convicted of a crime of violence with a deadly weapon, to receive no less than two times the original sentence imposed upon the defendant.

HB 0036 by *Parkinson: As introduced, declares […]

I have to admit that that’s dead sexy

Ok, so some of you may not know my typical stance on taking old battle rifles and slapping after-market stocks on them. I’m not a fan. I’m not a fan to the extent that I bought an Ishipore Enfield off of Wizard in large part because he was planning on doing terrible and horrible things […]

random thoughts

Hung out with Wizard for a bit yesterday, and the topic of the idea that Taurus may try to buy the Freedom Group.

Wizard: I’m pissed off that Taurus is buying the Freedom Group

Me: Why?

Wizard: It’s… like Ford buying Jaguar

Me: um… That was probably the best move for Jag since Ford came […]

A note to the pundits

I’m seeing a lot of right-leaning media folks saying things like “none of these gun control proposals from President Obama would have stopped the Sandy Hook shooting.”

This is a fundamental misunderstanding of how anti-gun folks work.

Sandy Hook wasn’t a reason for gun control. It was the excuse they have been looking for for […]

They must have some expensive dirt!

So, I just got an email from Cheaper Than Dirt saying that they now have some high capacity mags in, and I should buy them now!

Out of curiosity, I followed a couple links. Magpul 30 round AR mags? sold out. Colt USGI issue 30 round AR mags? $129.97!!! Beta mags? The low low price […]