Teaser 2

Dear Aggies

I take it all back. Welcome to the SEC.

Teaser 1

The Galtening

It has already begun.

Attempted Puppycide Goes Wrong

A puppy-killing SWAT Team in Memphis was out doing what it does, and the officer assigned to shoot the dog shot another officer instead.

Three times.

/me listens to pundants, beats head against desk

So… the question of the day, according to the news, is “how did the Republicans fail to get the presidency this time around?”

Gee…. let me see…

You take a your most left leaning candidate (thus failing to motivate your largely conservative base)

You try to dress him up as a staunch conservative (thus alienating […]

Post Election Activities

I took the day after Barackalypse off. I had planned to for a long time because either way the election went I was gonna be hung over.

So yesterday basically went like this:

Wake up an hour later than normal since the kids slept in, too.

Walk the dog, shower, talk to my brother in […]

How we got here

I was just in the car listening to the local VWRC affiliate, and at the top of the hour ABC News came on.

When they came to the (as of 10am central) 300 point drop in the DJIA, they described it thusly:

The Dow is down over 300 points today after yesterday’s election produced fears […]

Here we go

Via ChicagoBoyz


Robbers tie up, assault students at TSU dorm room

According to a police affidavit, 21-year-old Stephen Jones and 20-year-old Andru Pritchett approached a dorm room in Boyd Hall on the TSU campus, displayed a handgun and demanded money, cell phones and car keys.

The suspects tied up the two students with duct tape before assaulting […]