Post Election Activities

I took the day after Barackalypse off. I had planned to for a long time because either way the election went I was gonna be hung over.

So yesterday basically went like this:

Wake up an hour later than normal since the kids slept in, too.

Walk the dog, shower, talk to my brother in law about panic-buying 5.56.

Get some Starbucks.

Take my son to daycare.

Then I drove past about 12 gas stations to the only one in town that sells ethanol-free gas and filled up my tank.

From there, I went to go see Atlas Shrugged Part II. It was a last-minute decision. On a Wednesday afternoon showing 4 weeks after opening, the theater had about 30 people in it. I found that telling.

After the movie, I went to The Nashville Armory. I’d been before just to check out the facilities, but this time I actually used them. After going to the Appleseed event, I bought this scope and these rings to go on the M&P15-22. So now, instead of it matching up with my M4gery, it looks like this:


Tactical Dog approves.

I spent about 30 rounds getting it zeroed to 25 yards, but I’m going to need another session with it. It’s close, but not close enough for the Appleseed. I had to shoot on a pistol lane because the rifle lanes were reserved for a party.

I also ran a few rounds through my PF9 and my G23, as well as my M&P22 pistol with the can on it. At 25 yards, I was able to put 5 rounds center-mass on a silhouette in about 5 seconds with the PF9. Not bad for a shitty mousegun.

Did some other drills, too, just to make sure I haven’t gotten too rusty.

The facility is great, and the people are all professionals. I haven’t run into a gun-counter-moron yet over there. My former favorite range burned down last week, and this one is closer, so I think it’s my new home range.

Anyway, left there and went home. Fed the boy, played with the dog, had dinner, watched Revolution, and went to sleep.

Today I feel much better. Still crappy, but much better.

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