Bleg: Printer/Scanner

The Brother laser printer I bought 12 years ago no longer works. Well, that’s not entirely accurate.

The Brother laser printer I bought 12 years ago doesn’t have drivers that work with anything after Windows XP, and I no longer have any machines running Windows XP.

This presents me with an opportunity. You see, I […]

More adventures in applied chemistry

No… I haven’t blown anything up…

Although… this is currently being shipped to me…

Regular readers of this blog may remember that I bought a MrBeer kit back in March. I gave it a shot with the mix that came with it, and it came out like higher end American beer (which is the way […]

and now for a randomly inspirational post…

I swear… this won’t be a regular occurrence.

Erin Palette over at Lurking Rhythmically has been doing some soul searching recently. I’ll let her speak for herself as to why and on what, but she raised the question of why folks thought that she was brave for doing something she thinks should be easy. I […]

I’m a little late to the party, but…

You know it’s bad when someone decides that their rant about you website requires its own table of contents.

(you’ll notice that I happily linked to Linoge’s site and not the other… that wasn’t accidental)

Marlin 795 gets an upgrade!

I had bought my Marlin 795 over a year ago with the intention of using it at a Project Appleseed event. At the time, the only semi-auto detachable magazine rifle I had was my AR. While .223 is cheap compared to other “proper” rifle caliber rifles, I was still able to buy the Marlin ($80 […]

How does “non-flammable gasoline” work?

That’s what Extra Fuel claims to be. For emergencies.

And by “emergency” they mean “your failure to plan or pay any attention whatsoever to the fuel gauge.”

My Jeep requires 100% gasoline, so I have to actually plan out my fuel trips. That means I get nervous when I dip below 1/4 tank. I guess […]

Lesson from Project Appleseed: Natural Point of Aim

I knew I had forgotten at least one thing from that big rambling post… well… several things…

The three big things that the folks teaching the Appleseed clinic kept pushing were breathing, relaxing, and natural point of aim. The breathing and relaxing are both pretty simple to explain, if you tense up, not only do […]

Overheard in the house last night

Me: Oh, we got another couple kids trying to sell magazines come by earlier. Naienko: ok… Me: Yeah… At one point, the guy said “it’s helping us read and become knowledgeable instead of getting into guns and drugs and stuff… So what are your hobbies?” Naienko: …umm… Guns and alcohol?

Small update on the HTPC build

Motherboard issues have been resolved, but not in anything resembling a good outcome.

I bought an ASUS P8Z77-V LE instead. Because I had already attached the heatsink to the processor, I had to wait until I got this kit from Arctic Silver in the mail before I could swap out the boards.

Swapped everything out, […]

Well, that was unexpected

Just went through one of those “Corporate Safety” thingies. Basic stuff, like where to go if there’s a fire, what to do if there’s a tornado, how to use an AED, and what to do if there’s a guy gunning down your coworkers.

They actually gave effective advice. I was shocked. In order of priority, […]