hmmm… let’s see…

According to the Washington Post, “Obama campaigned four years ago on a promise to revamp the federal government’s disaster response functions…” and has already signed off on 9 declarations of emergency in the north east before the Hurricane Sally has even hit the shore…

You know what I’m reminded of?  When Nashville had a 1000 year flood event, was pretty much under water (and was literally about a inch away from losing all clean drinking water), and Obama waited until 2 days *after* it stopped raining to sign off on a state of emergency declaration.  At that point, we had pretty much already given up on the feds and started trying to pick ourselves up.

Maybe it’s the region of the country?  Maybe it’s because it’s an election year?  Maybe it’s because we didn’t wait for a hand out before trying to salvage what we could?

I’m not saying that the folks in the path of a Cat2 hurricane are not in for a nasty ride, they are.  I’ve already seen reports of a tree falling on a coworker’s neighbor’s house, and a trampoline hung on the power lines.  Although, I’m pretty sure that Naienko’s sister (who grew up near the coast in North Carolina) is having a hurricane party at her place in DC right now.

Oh, and Wizard has said something about northerners needing to shut up because people down here freak out over a little ice on the road.

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