Gone and done it

Last week I ordered the same scope that Linoge used to make rifleman. Should be here tomorrow.

It’ll be Spring before I can even think about doing another Appleseed, and hopefully the rumors about having one less than a mile from my house are true–that’ll make it a lot easier for me.

I’d still rather use a 10/22 than the M&P15-22, but I don’t see myself buying another rifle anytime soon (I’m still waiting on the ATF for my 762 Phantom suppressor and York Arms to get back to me about my .300blk upper). The M&P15-22 was purchased as a trainer clone of my Rock River AR and I’d like to keep it that way.

But that’s the great thing about ARs: it doesn’t take much to switch the rifle’s purpose.

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  • That is actually the generation older of the model I used, with the only discernible differences I can find being that the parallax correction is located on the front bell, rather than on a dial on the left part of the middle, and that you have to swap out the turrets for different bullet weights, rather than having three weights on the one turret. All that said, if you are going to just use the one bullet weight, though, it should work just fine 🙂 .

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