My tenuous connection to Steve Jobs

As I’ve mentioned before, I listen to audio books while running or walking the dog. I’m currently listening to Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. I’m no fan of Apple or Jobs (Wozniak is another thing entirely), but I feel it’s important to understand one of the most influential minds marketers of the last 200 years.

He was a hypocrite and a sociopath, but there’s no denying he changed the world.

Anyway, today they covered the brief involvement of Ron Wayne in Apple Computer. The short story is that Ron went into a partnership with the Steves, but FREAKED OUT when Jobs started going around borrowing tons of money. Eleven days after forming Apple, he sold his shares back to the Steves for $2300.

In 2010, his shares would have been worth $2.4 Billion.

Which brings me to my tenuous connection to Steve Jobs. In 1998, I worked in a video rental store. The assistant manager was a woman in her early- to mid-twenties, if I recall correctly. The iMac had just been released, and another coworker and I were talking about it. This woman piped up and told us that her estranged father had briefly been involved in Apple, and was “basically the laughing stock of the computer world” for selling out because he was afraid of going bankrupt again.

I have no idea if her claim is true (Ron Wayne is gay, and I can’t find anything online to indicate he has children), but she wasn’t they type of person who I would have expected to know Wanye’s story in such detail.

So, two degrees of separation between me and Steve Jobs.

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