Huh… advertising must work!

Went to the range yesterday to try out the 795 after the upgrade and check the zero on the new scope.  I decided to take the Marlin Papoose with me to check on its zero as well.  I’ll write about the 795 in a different post.

I’ve noticed I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the Papoose since it magically transformed from a Browning Buckmark to its current state.  Probably the biggest question?

“Is that one of those new Ruger 10/22 take downs?”

most of these folks had no idea that Marlin started making a take down back in the 80’s, but by god, they’d seen the Ruger 10/22 take down ads plastered everywhere.

Gee… I guess advertising really does work… who knew?

Of course… folks these days seem to assume that all .22 rifles are 10/22s, but…

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