Kilted to Kick Cancer Week 3

Ok, so we’re into week 3 of Kilted to Kick Cancer, and you guys have donated… nothing.

I’m going to blame myself for obviously not promoting it enough, and not having anything nifty to give away. A few folks on GBC have suggested that I threaten you with pictures of me in nothing *but* a […]

Anti-gun Fundamentalists

Last week I mentioned that I listen to audio books when I walk the dog or run. I finished up Purple Cow and moved on to Seth Godin’s most famous work, Tribes.

I’m about three quarters of the way through it, but the other day I heard him say this:

A fundamentalist is a […]

Yet another discussion on open carry vs concealed or don’t be a jackass

I know… I know… every time you turn around, you see the people bickering about whether you should open carry or concealed carry, but I rarely see one argument for open carry… normalization of guns in the public eye.

A brief background on myself: at various points in my life, I’ve been associated with goths […]

Expert Predictions

I walk the dog for about twenty minutes every day. I also run about three miles 3 days a week. I like to listen to podcasts in the car, but when I’m walking or running I usually listen to audiobooks.

I get about 4 hours a week of this, and I typically listen to […]

Shorter iPhone 5 Announcement

“Look at all this cool stuff we can finally do! We’re only two years behind all other cellphone manufacturers now!”

A slightly longer version of last year’s announcement.

More things to push back the darkness

This past weekend, Naienko and I attended Outsidecon. It’s a small scifi convention that takes place every year at a local state park (hence why I like to call it “when geeks go camping”). It being in the middle of a heavily wooded park where many of us stay in tents, you tend to need […]

Kilted to Kick Cancer Week 2

Well, it’s part way into a new week of prostrate cancer awareness month, which means it’s past due for me to torment you guys with another shot of me in a kilt for Kilted to Kick Cancer.

I wish I had remembered to throw my Dragoncon badge over my shoulder for this shot, but […]

I don’t have to remember

Because I can’t forget.

CNN, however, would love for you to forget. Kudos to the for referring to the Family Research Council shooter as a terrorist. Negative kudos for trying to use today to paint anyone to the right of Lenin as a possible terrorist in waiting.

Oddball gets a proper EDC flashlight

For a couple years now, I’ve carried an INOVA Microlight on my keychain. Handy little light, but at 6 lumen on the bright setting, not very bright. While i have several other flashlights around the house and in the cars, they’re all a little too big for me to slip into my pocket with all […]

QotD: It didn’t occur to me, either, edition

Kevin at Lowering The Bar, commenting on the USAir Bomb Hoax:

Note that no one involved seems to have taken the position that, hey, nothing to worry about, because even if this is true he’ll never get past the TSA with liquid explosives; that’s a crack team on which we can safely rely. No one […]