So… busy week coming up… Anyone in the Boston area want to get together?

Naienko is very happy about this, but starting tomorrow night, the only time she’s going to see me for ten days is when she’s dropping me off and picking me up from the airport.

This weekend, a buddy of mine is having a truly geeky bachelor party.  None of us are really into the bar hopping scene, so we’re going to shut ourselves up at the house of one of the groomsmen, drink, play games, and watch bad movies all weekend.  There was talking of maybe getting some strippers, but the owner of the house said, and I quote, “if I have to clean up stripper juice, I’m gonna have to cut a bitch.”  There are talks of making T-shirts with that on it.

I’m going to have to abandon that party Sunday morning to catch a flight to Boston for work, and fly back on Friday evening to drive down to Manchester for Project Appleseed.

Speaking of Massachusetts, and believe there’s a couple of folks from that area that read this.  I know it’s short notice, and I’ll only be up there during the week, but any of you guys want to try to get together for dinner?  I don’t know exactly where you guys are, but I’ll be staying in Lowell.

2 comments to So… busy week coming up… Anyone in the Boston area want to get together?

  • mrswizardpc

    In case you haven’t already been told, you MUST dine at Legal Seafood. The one by the harbor is supposed to best, but I couldn’t say. The clam chowder is excellent.

    • oddball

      I went there a number of years ago when I went to Boston with my mom. Yeah, I remember it being good stuff. I’ll see if I can manage to get there again.

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