Just on the off chance anyone has a yahoo mail account…

I just got an identical spam email from two email accounts belonging to friends.  I don’t have any confirmation from tech news sites, but it looks to me that Yahoo email passwords have been compromised.  If you have one, I’d change your password just to be safe.

5 comments to Just on the off chance anyone has a yahoo mail account…

  • Chris

    It is far more likely that your two friends either have some sort of malware that has infected their computers and caused them to send out spam emails… Especially if they use a POP or IMAP client for Yahoo instead of webmail… OR that your friends’ email addresses were somehow gathered from a site that made them public or an email they were sent that was also sent to an infected computer and that the email addresses are simply being spoofed by a spammer.

    • oddball

      Both of them use Yahoo’s webmail app. You’re correct that they both could have been spoofed, but I figured telling people to change their passwords does no harm other than “great… now I have to remember a new password.” After all, changing your password every so often is a good idea anyways.

  • jon spencer

    The spammers got my Yahoo email yesterday too.

  • Monte

    Did the email addresses definitely belong to your friends?

    A friend of mine just emailed me today saying that he was getting spam from a Yahoo account that didn’t belong to me but used my first and last nae as the sender.

  • jon spencer

    Monte, thats sorta what happened to me.
    I changed my password and it seems to have stopped.
    At least for now.

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