Kilted to Kick Cancer Week 2

Well, it’s part way into a new week of prostrate cancer awareness month, which means it’s past due for me to torment you guys with another shot of me in a kilt for Kilted to Kick Cancer.

I wish I had remembered to throw my Dragoncon badge over my shoulder for this shot, but I’m guessing at least Linoge will get this shirt.

If not, here’s a good hint:

(I apologize for the terrible shaky-cam, but that’s the best vid I could find of the song)

Back to the serious topic, please remember to throw a couple bucks in to the effort of researching prostate and testicular cancer.  I’d love it if you guys did that here, but, honestly, donating with any of the guys participating is a good thing.

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  • He robbed from the rich and he gave to the poor; stood up to the Man and he gave him what-for; our love for him now ain’t hard to explain; the Hero of Canton, the man they called Jayne!

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