Now I remember why I stopped doing this

That new server I’m building?

Won’t boot. No POST, no beeps (and I had to drive all around town looking for a PC Speaker since for some reason Gigabyte doesn’t include an on-board speaker. WTF?)

There are rumblings on the intertubes that even though Gigabyte says the CPU I bought is compatible with this motherboard, […]

So… busy week coming up… Anyone in the Boston area want to get together?

Naienko is very happy about this, but starting tomorrow night, the only time she’s going to see me for ten days is when she’s dropping me off and picking me up from the airport.

This weekend, a buddy of mine is having a truly geeky bachelor party. None of us are really into the bar […]

It’s like something from a crime drama

CSI:Rural TN.

Yesterday, the big story around here was that 4 people died in a house fire. It was a couple in their 70s and their two grandchildren. In one of the stories I read, the sheriff said that it was difficult getting to one of the children’s bodies because he was special needs. They […]

Brown Truck of Happiness!

I’ve gotten a couple of delivery notifications today. I think all my stuff is in for the new media server.

Based on the comments to the last post, I’m guessing there is a desire for a write-up on how I actually put the thing together?

Just on the off chance anyone has a yahoo mail account…

I just got an identical spam email from two email accounts belonging to friends. I don’t have any confirmation from tech news sites, but it looks to me that Yahoo email passwords have been compromised. If you have one, I’d change your password just to be safe.

So… this happened.

I really meant to post this Monday (along with a review of the 5.11 tactical kilt), and… well… it didn’t happen. I feel kind of pushed now that Uncle has posted about it. Here‘s a copy of the story from a local news source.

The reason I feel the need to say something is that […]

random funny thought…

Alert the media! A man just bought over 1500 rounds of ammo over his lunch break!* Nothing good could come of this!

*I needed more .22 ammo for the Project Appleseed shoot I’m going to next week, and I owe Wizard some ammo in trade of a brick of CCI .22lr Quiet. It’s not my […]

It’s been 10 years since I built my last computer

And I’m about to do it again.

I bought my last one about four and a half years ago for less than I could’ve built one. Quad core, lots of memory, dual head PCIx video card…$400-ish.

Well, that one just died in less than spectacular fashion. Again. The drive I got two months ago is […]

It’s always the gun’s fault

What do you do when your 17 year old son is killed during a drug deal in your own home?

Blame the gun.

By all accounts, the “good kid” was the dealer in that case.

Also note the journalistic malpractice committed here. They mention a man who was killed in an attempted robbery on Saturday, […]


So last night my wife comes in from “last call” with the dog and says that there’s a huge spider outside.

She was right. Effer was HUGE.

Click to embiggen. If you dare.

That’s a 12″ square paver, for scale.

I got brave and went close enough to take this one:

Click to […]