Signs that you’re getting old

It’s not when you’re sore the next day. It’s when it doesn’t kick in until 2 days later.

I tested (and received) my second degree black belt in TKD on Saturday. I managed to remember all my forms (all 18 of them), survived sparring, and broke many boards without difficulty (once it was determined that […]

Question of the day.

So here’s an interesting situation…

I live in Tennessee, and my dad lives in Michigan. We’re both into guns and own multiple firearms. I have a gun sitting in my safe collecting dust that I know he’d be interested in. One would think that I could just decide “hey dad, here, take this from your […]

Martial arts stuff

Just wanted to give a nod to Linoge and his continuing efforts to get back into martial arts. Like him, I took Tae Kwon Do in high school, almost made it to black belt, and then quit when I went to college. For years after that, I kept meaning to go back but either work […]

Happy Blogiversary to me!

One year ago today I announced that I was leaving Walls of the City after two years. It’s been a good year, but I didn’t build that. Someone else did. I wouldn’t still be doing this without you guys.

As is the custom, here are some stats:

Total number of posts: 346 Total number of […]

Epic Range Day

Last weekend I traveled up to Kentucky to participate in a private range session put on by one of my co-workers. It was specifically for folks that work in our business unit, and came about after a conversation that a database administrator had with a mid-level manager about Call of Duty. The manager’s teenage son […]

New addition to the collection

On Friday, I did something that makes the anti-gun nuts skin crawl. I met a stranger in a parking lot and paid cash for a “high powered assault weapon.” No paperwork done. I inspected the rifle, handed him the cash, and we both went our separate ways after a hand shake.

This particular acquisition is […]

Update on Daniel “Officer Roid Rage” Harless

I can’t tell if this was a cunning plan that might actually work, or if he’s just an idiot who thinks people will believe this.

Recall that Daniel Harless is the Canton, OH [now former] police officer who lost his job after video evidence of him being, well, a loose cannon. After not allowing a […]

Or, I can have it done today!

Wow! That was easy! Why haven’t I done this before?

My Little AR Build: Lower Parts

I mentioned a while back that I bought an AR lower kinda by accident. I decided to make it a Magpul Fanboi Rifle after input from folks at the gunblogger_conspiracy.

Also, in case you’re wondering, subsonic 300blk out of a 20″ barrel has a 44 foot drop at 400 yards. Not recommended.

I bought the […]

[email protected]!*$^#(#*!#&%@)*!

Something that causes cursing: having a pin punch jump and take a chunk out of your finger Something else that causes cursing: having that last blow bend the pin that was supposed to be driven into the hole.

On the plus side, I did manage to bend the pin back and get it driven into […]