Are there people who don’t order this?


That’s a bacon-wrapped sirloin topped with bacon. Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds. Longhorn Steakhouse. Apparently, the answer to the question in the title is “no.” We asked the manager and she said fully 25% of their customers ordered this in the last week.

2 comments to Are there people who don’t order this?

  • lucusloc

    I hate you so much right now. If you are going to post messages like this I fully expect you to take responsibility to do the research and tell me where I can get something like this where I live. I’ll even broaden it to a whole state: Oregon. Tell me where I can get this in Oregon.

    BTW Longhorn Steakhouse does not exist anywhere on the west coast, I just checked.

  • oddball

    I showed this to Naienko. Her response was “you need to come to dinner with me and my dad on Wednesday. I’m pretty sure there’s a Longhorn near his place.

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