Happy Blogiversary to me!

One year ago today I announced that I was leaving Walls of the City after two years. It’s been a good year, but I didn’t build that. Someone else did. I wouldn’t still be doing this without you guys.

As is the custom, here are some stats:

Total number of posts: 346
Total number of comments: 922
Comments flagged as spam: 4528
Page Views: 65,000-ish

Top 10 posts by number of views:

Basic Gunshot Wound Kit
Ineffective Signage
Things the Internet taught me
…aaaaand he’s here.
Making a USB power cable for a Belkin F8Z492-P Bluetooth Music Receiver
Why YOU should call the cops if you ever display your weapon
And that’s the ballgame for the next two years
Bersa Thunder 9 Pro – Initial Impressions
Gun Porn: NFA Edition
I am ashamed

Personal Favorites:
The folly of “Posted Properties”
What’s happening to Zimmerman can happen to any of us
Tyranny in Hickman County
It all ends with puppy-killing SWAT teams

It’s been an awesome year. Thanks guys!
Maybe I’ll actually post about cars this year!

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