And that’s the ballgame for the next two years

The chief reason the Tennessee Firearms Association and the NRA went after TN House Caucus Chair Debra Maggart was because she prevented every gun bill that made it out of committee from being heard on the house floor. Presumably, this was on orders from Speaker Harwell. Maggart was primaried because she spent so much time working with us to get a Republican Majority, only to cast us aside once she actually got it. Harwell has never been a friend to gun owners, and never pretended to be, so her stance didn’t shock us. With Maggart, it was personal.

Maggart wasn’t the only incumbent Republican who lost their primary. Seven other incumbents are looking for new work today.

Speaker Harwell narrowly defeated conservative Glen Casada for the speaker position two years ago, so there was a good chance that he would win this year.

Except he’s decided not to challenge Harwell. That’s unfortunate, because it means that we likely won’t get much done in the next two years with Harwell as speaker.

I guess I’ll be spending the next two years working on someone to primary her–unless she changes her spots.

Oh, and Gerald McCormick? Don’t think we’ve forgotten about you. We watch the news, you know.

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  • Mike V.

    I hadn’t heard that about Casada. As long as the leadership of the state republican party remains lukewarm at best on guns, they can expect more of them to face opposition.

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