Go update Java. Now. Seriously.

I know most of my readers probably don’t follow this kind of stuff, but basically earlier this week a pair of serious java exploits were released and then very quickly incorporated into some very easy-to-use and widely known hacker tools.

The flaws affect Windows, Linux, and MacOS. None are safe.

Via Krebs, Oracle has released […]

Embody loses again

Leonard Embody has lost yet another appeal regarding his detainment in a Nashville park. As it turns out, if you intentionally act suspicious in order to get the police called on you, you don’t get to complain that the police are called.

There was a new tidbit I hadn’t heard before:

A good part of […]

Free App of the Day: Army Survival Guide

Today’s free Amazon app is Army Survival Guide. Just letting you know.

I’m not sure of the utility of a survival manual that requires an internet connection (Amazon Apps require authentication to Amazon when you start the app) and battery power, but hey it’s free and it might come in handy.

I also have the […]

Are there people who don’t order this?

That’s a bacon-wrapped sirloin topped with bacon. Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds. Longhorn Steakhouse. Apparently, the answer to the question in the title is “no.” We asked the manager and she said fully 25% of their customers ordered this in the last week.

Capital Bank thinks a bank robber’s life is worth more than yours

Back in June I mentioned that the company that bought the local bank I had been using has a corporate policy of posting “No Permit Holders Guns Allowed.”

When I informed the local branch manager that I would be closing all of our accounts, I got this email in response:

Capital Bank’s decision to not […]


If Tropical Storm Isaac turns into a Cat 3 Hurricane and hits New Orleans, it’ll be George Bush’s fault.

Quick movie review

Saw Expendables 2 on Friday. People were shot. Things were blown up. I thought it was awesome. Naienko was apparently expecting a coherent plot. Silly Naienko.


I just informed Naienko of the existence of tennis ball launchers for AK-47 pattern rifles and golf ball launchers for AR-15s.

I have hurt her brain meats.

And these are the only ones with sufficient training?!

By now, you’ve probably heard of the shooting at the Empire State Building this morning. Some may call this a mass shooting (hey, there were 11 shot, 2 of which died), but that’s not the real story. The real story is that the NYPD desperately needs to bump up their firearms training.

Per the article, […]

23 Years

That’s the sentence handed down to Hank Wise for the murder of Ben Goeser, the late husband of my friend Nikki Goeser. You can read her story through those links.

23 years doesn’t seem long enough, but I’m glad she no longer has this hanging over her head. The wait is always excruciating.