QotD: Obviousness edition

Commenter “Brad” over at Bob Owens’ place gives an absolutely beautiful response to those people who think that the ill-conceived federal assault weapons ban would have done anything to stop what happened in Aurora:

Let it also be said that even if the killer had used a weapon which complied with the Feinstein AW ban, […]

It’d be funnier if it wasn’t so damned true

Gun Porn: NFA Edition

I was going through some files on the recently undead server, and found some stuff you guys might enjoy.

I’m a giver.

That is a suppressed, short barrel, full auto M4…in .458 SOCOM. I want to have it’s babies. That one on the top? Custom .338 Lapua Magnum, “chambered in $5 bills” […]

Well, now I have a problem

Went to the gun show, and an AR lower came home with me along with a scheduled purchase I’ll talk about later.

What should I make?

Why would you ever need a gun in a bar?

Because you never know when some jackass wants to go on a shooting rampage in hopes that police will kill him.

Note, however, that he didn’t actually wait around for the cops to show up and kill him. Nor did he try to go out in a blaze of glory when the police finally caught […]


Seen on my walk this morning

UTG Tactical ZL168 Review

So a couple three months ago, I asked for suggestions for weapon lights for my home defense AR. I got a lot of good responses!

I decided to go with this guy for now:

That would be a cheapie UTG Defender Series Tactical Xenon Flashlight. It was $35 shipped and I got it in […]

So Shiny…

So… as I alluded to in the post I made yesterday, I have a problem. I believe that I’ve stated that WizardPC is an enabler of this problem (I’ve purchased a few guns off of him, and he’s been the indirect cause of a few other purchases). With that said, I ended up going with […]

So…. yeah…

…I think I resemble this YouTube vid:


I’ll have a related post up tomorrow, and no… it’s not that Garand I was talking about (guy never returned the email).

Things that suck

Coming home to a server that’s lost it’s OS hard drive.

Things that are awesome: backup strategies.