What the…?

last weekend, I was at Libertycon.  Truly a great con, which was good, since I needed to blow off some steam.  Maybe one of these years, I’ll get in with the cool crowd enough that I’ll get to go to the gun range with the Baen guys.

Anyways, I was playing Descent with some folks, when my buddy rolled this:

Notice something odd about the blue die?  After taking a couple pictures, we checked, and there were no divots in the table that we could find.

This is up there with flipping a coin and having it land on its edge.


2 comments to What the…?

  • Dood. You have to let me know about these kinds of things… Just up the road ;).

    I will definitely be there next year, though, especially with Larry Correia being the Master of Ceremonies.

    • oddball

      I honestly forgot that you might be interested. I know… I know… you wrote a book about Firefly and named one of your guns Vera.

      Chattanooga has a bunch of scifi cons throughout the year. I usually go to Chattacon in January and Libertycon, and there’s a few others in driving distance to us. I’ll try to remember to keep you posted as they come up.

      Oh, are you guys planning on going to Dragoncon this year? I know there’s been talk of trying to get a #GBC meetup going.

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