QotD: Obviousness edition

Commenter “Brad” over at Bob Owens’ place gives an absolutely beautiful response to those people who think that the ill-conceived federal assault weapons ban would have done anything to stop what happened in Aurora:

Let it also be said that even if the killer had used a weapon which complied with the Feinstein AW ban, the outcome would not have changed. The proof of this is the 1999 Columbine massacre, where the primary murder weapon was a Hi-Point 9mm carbine using a supply of loaded 10 round magazines.


Armed people vs unarmed people are what enables massacres. Not flash-suppressors or 20-round magazines. The Hi-Point 9mm carbine was designed to comply with the Federal AW ban. I don’t think a magazine greater than 10 rounds capacity even exists for the weapon. Yet it is perfectly suitable for slaughtering unarmed victims.

That had never occurred to me.

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