A few things that aren’t worth their own posts, but that I wanted to mention anyway:

  • I finally got around to ordering the UTG Defender Tactical Xenon Flashlight Brass suggested in my Weapon Light Bleg post from…April. Should be here by Monday. I figure at $35, if it works, great! If it doesn’t seem very robust, I’ll throw it on my .22 trainer and get a better one.
  • I did get around to posting a list of state level gun rights organizations, but I never actually mentioned that I had done it after soliciting your help. Thanks for your help with that, I really appreciate it.
  • finally got around to installing the APEX RAM and DCAEK in my M&P9 yesterday. I didn’t install the USB that comes with the DCAEK, because it require removal of the rear site. Since, as my friend Reese informed me, IDPA stands for “I Don’t Practice Anymore” I don’t want to futz with the sights and then not verify zero before I shoot a match. The next one is in 9 days and I don’t see myself getting in some range time before then.
  • It has been 5 years since I became Debt Free. I paid off my student loans on July4th, 2007*. It seems longer that that.
  • I have been given my great-grandfather’s .32 S&W revolver. It was bought used in 1920. Near as I can tell, it was made in 1904. Not sure it’s ever been cleaned, though. Pictures coming soon.


*And 11 months later, I got married and we did it all again with her stuff. We have been debt free about 2 years now.

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  • jimmie

    Wish i could say the debt free part. But lots of overtime at work and cutting up our credit cards is helping on the climb out of the hole. Another 6 months and all i should owe on is our house. Then something bad will happen and screw it all up. But thats life.

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